Designing garden décor and outdoor spaces

Designing garden décor and outdoor spaces is an important part of home design, as it reflects the essence of the home and the artistic taste of the homeowner. In order to have a picturesque and distinctive garden, it must be characterized by balance and consistency between design elements and different colors, in addition to trees, flowers, and other plants that add to the beauty of the garden.
The efforts of Amal Essam Company in designing decoration are prominent and distinguished, as we develop new ideas and innovative patterns for designing gardens and outdoor spaces. We have a team of talented and qualified designers who have the necessary experience to create unique decorative designs and transform ordinary places into unique and attractive places.

How to design gardens and outdoor spaces in a distinctive way?

1- Good planning:-we must have a clear idea of the type of garden you want, and make sure to allocate enough space for the garden and specify the plants you want to plant and their location.
2- Using the correct flooring:- We choose the appropriate flooring for the garden, which is in line with the nature of the area in which you live and is suitable for the surrounding climate.
3- Focusing on natural beauty:- We are keen to preserve the natural beauty of the garden, and avoid harming plants, trees, and other natural stones that add to the beauty of the garden.
4- Choosing the right trees and plants:- We care about choosing the right plants for the garden, which are in line with the nature of the area in which you live and suit the surrounding climate.
5- Color consistency:- We care about choosing colors that are in harmony with each other, and that they fit with the rest of the design elements in the garden.
6- Creativity and innovation:- We are working on a renovation in the garden and expressing your creativity by changing the arrangement of plants and trees, adding new flowers, and various decorations.

7- Sustainable design:- We seek to choose plants and trees that last for a long time, that withstand different weather conditions, and keep the garden renewed and beautiful.
8- Organizing the space:- We make sure to arrange the plants and trees in an appropriate way, which makes the garden look more spacious and organized.
9- Lighting:- We also care about the distribution of lighting in the garden, as there must be sufficient lighting to allow picnics at night and to add a romantic atmosphere to the place.
10- Furniture:- We choose furniture that is commensurate with the size of the garden, and the furniture must be sturdy and durable to withstand the different weather factors.
11- Periodic maintenance:- We are keen to provide garden care, ensure that it is cleaned, and maintain the health of plants and trees, by providing appropriate irrigation, good ventilation, and eliminating weeds and pests.
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